DMI Test Reports

The results obtained in the DMI Test are based on the analysis of fingerprint samples submitted to us by the individual out of his/ her free will and consent to undergo such analysis or the child under supervision and permission of his parents or guardian. It is also understood that these fingerprints are used only for analyzing and preparing this report and these fingerprints are neither to be used for any other purpose nor are stored with us in any form. The DMIT Report cannot reveal the impact or implications of any acquired knowledge or skill of a person. The results are only an indicator of inborn potential and talents in various areas based on scientific research of Dermatoglyphics. The results do not guarantee success in a specific field. Success or failure in any field/ subject purely depends upon individual efforts and various external factors. The decision to follow any instruction, advice, suggestion or recommendation completely depends upon the candidate/ guardian and he/ she will be solely responsible for the consequences of the same. We as an organization or any of its authorized representatives shall in no case be liable for any consequences under any circumstance or failure in any particular course of study or activity recommended in the Report. So, before taking any crucial decision it is recommended that you match the results with your own observation and experience and consult your family Doctor, Psychiatrist or Psychologist if required.


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