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We strongly believe that every human being is born with an Inborn Talent and Multiple Intelligences and if one is able to identify his/her inborn talent then he/she can build upon it and can surely excel in life. However, most people fail to identify their inborn talent due to which they take wrong decisions in selecting their career and extra-curricular activities.  We help people to analysis and clearly highlight your inborn talent, multiple intelligences, preferred learning style, level of various quotients, personality trait and behavior, your strengths & weaknesses and also the way to develop the desired intelligence. This analysis discloses the inborn qualities, however, over a period of time, with great efforts one can acquire the desired skills but there will not be a great difference between inborn and acquired skills.

According to Dr. Albert Einstein , everyone is a Genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is a stupid. We urge you to understand that everyone has a different ability or particular talent. Often, comparing yourself to someone else’s abilities might mean overlooking what you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness. The point is that we’re not all made to be theoretical physicists. Aim for what you’re good at, work hard for what you want, and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t do everything perfectly.

Albert Einstein

A message to Parents & Educators

We would like to convey our message to all the parents and educators that the aim of our courses & program is to help and guide you in knowing your child’s inborn intelligences, but besides inborn intelligences, success and failure of your children will also depend on a multitude of factors like knowledge acquired, kind of guidance and training they go through, the environment they grow up with, opportunities available to them and of course the amount of their hard- work and persistence. So, it is our sincere request to all of you to observe your children more closely and always refer or relate the results of the program to satisfy yourself before taking any action or discussion with your children in the process of zeroing down their career options. This report is designed to expand your options, not to limit them, thereby providing you multiple avenues to choose and explore. So it is recommended not to focus on finding a perfect career, rather encourage your children to participate in activities corresponding to their personal characteristics, interests and preferences and then guide them to set their own goals to enhance their true inner potential and gift them happier and stress free lives.

What we can do for you?

DMI Test (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) | IBA (Intuitive Brain Activation) 
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) | Brain Development Workshop (School & Societies) |
Corporate Sessions | Meditation Classes at our Centers | Yoga Classes at our Centers

DMI Test

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test (D.M.I.T) is a scientifc study of fingerprint patterns that helps in understanding an individual's potential and personality. This Test can be done on anyone.

IBA (Intutive Brain Activation)

The mid brain is a one of the parts of the brain whose main function is to coordinate communication of auditory, motor and visual signals. It’s also referred to as the mesencephalon and is located right above the brain stem

NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming)

The mid brain is a one of the parts of the brain whose main function is to coordinate communication of auditory, motor and visual signals. It’s also referred to as the mesencephalon and is located right above the brain stem

Brain Development Workshop

We conduct Brain Development Workshop in Schools and Socities and help students increase their concentration power through joyful activities.

YOGA Classes

We do provide Yoga Classes at our centres. You can join them to live a healthy and peaceful live.

Corporate Sessions

We take Customize training in corporates including DMI Test of Employees and NLP Sessions of Employees which help them gain mindfullness and stress free lifestyle.

Meditation Classes

Practice mindfullness, clear your thoughts and train your awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

UDYOG AADHAAR MSME Registration Certificate

Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration Certificate

Need advice?

If you are a parent or a student worrying about your future and your child’s future. You can talk to our counsellor and take advice